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Semiconductor Research Corporation unveils 2024 Call for Research, $13.8M in Funding Opportunities

Research Thrust Call Opens Papers Due Program Manager Program Coordinator
Nanomanufacturing Materials and Processes Apr 9 May 7 Kashyap Yellai Syd Williams-Black
Packaging Apr 9 May 7 John Oakley LaDonya Dooley
Center for Heterogeneous Integration Research in Packaging (CHIRP)
Hardware Security May 7 Jun 4 John Oakley LaDonya Dooley
Computer-Aided Design and Test May 7 Jun 4 Marcus Pan LaTanya Holmes
Environment, Safety, and Health May 7 Jun 4 Kashyap Yellai Syd Williams-Black

Research ideas selected for 3-year projects should align with the Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging Technologies (MAPT) Roadmap. Building upon the 2030 Decadal Plan for Semiconductors, the MAPT Roadmap serves as a guiding light for initiatives such as the National Semiconductor Technology Center, the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program, and SMART USA Institute, the industry-led CHIPS Manufacturing USA Institute bid. Both the Decadal Plan and the MAPT Roadmap are the results of collaboration between hundreds of industry and academic experts. By aligning our research call to the MAPT Roadmap, we ensure that selected research proposals address topics of utmost importance to the semiconductor industry.

Along with creating critical, industry-relevant technology, these calls will fund degrees for between 50 to 100 student scholars of diverse ethnicity, gender, and geography. The semiconductor industry is facing a severe talent shortfall in coming years. While SRC programs have prepared 20% of all semiconductor Ph.D. in the United States, we are committed to growing our student base by fostering a balanced mix of bachelors, masters, and Ph.D.-level grads while helping students of all backgrounds to feel comfortable and safe pursuing their chosen career. SRC welcomes submissions from US and international colleges and universities that sponsor bachelor’s degrees to postdocs. SRC members include global leaders in the semiconductor industry who are committed to investing in revolutionary research, a more diverse and inclusive community, and a long-term, worldwide outlook for sustainability

About SRC

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC.org), a world-renowned, high technology-based consortium, serves as a crossroads of collaboration between technology companies, academia, government agencies, and SRC’s highly regarded engineers and scientists. Through its interdisciplinary research programs, SRC plays an indispensable role in addressing global challenges, using research and development strategies, and advanced tools and technologies. Members of SRC work synergistically together, gain access to research results, fundamental IP, and highly experienced students to compete in the global marketplace and build the workforce of tomorrow.

The following programs will not have solicitations this year

Research Thrust Program Manager Program Coordinator
Analog/Mixed-Signal Marcus Pan LaTanya Holmes
Artificial Intelligence Hardware John Oakley LaDonya Dooley
India Research Program Marcus Pan LaTanya Holmes
Logic and Memory Deices Kashyap Yellai Syd Williams-Black


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