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Submissions using OpenWater

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using OpenWater?

We switched to OpenWater because we needed to modernize our tech stack. At the same time, we wanted to support an online rating process for our member community. We also wanted to offer better tools for collaborating than we had offered in the past.

Do I use my SRC website account?

Yes! We have switched to using Auth0 Single-Sign-On. You will use the email address and password we have on file for your account at SRC.org.

Do I need to create an account at OpenWater?

No! You simply need to create an account at SRC.org. Get help here.

Where do I go to submit?

If a call is open, you will find a green "Submit" button on the call page. This button will take you to the correct landing page using OpenWater. You can also access our OpenWater home page here.

Should I update my email ALLOW list?

Some automated emails are sent as a result of taking actions, such as submitting a paper. Email will come from noreply@src.org. Please do not reply to this email address as it is unmonitored.

White Paper Submissions

What are the requirements for a whitepaper submission?

Specific requirements for a white paper are documented on the call page.

Can I update my submission?

No. You can edit your submission multiple times but once a submission is finalized, it is no longer editable.

Proposal Submissions

Requested proposals follow a formula. You will be prompted to download various template files which need to be edited and then uploaded during the proposal submission process.

Prepare proposal submission documents

Use the proposal templates to prepare your proposal. Once completed, you need to convert each proposal template to PDF and upload it into the submission form when requested.

  1. Overview of Research. Provide an overview of your entire research. This section should showcase the value of your proposed research (technical merit, innovative approach, and relevance to industry) and the strength of your research team. The overview section should be no more than three (3) pages for JUMP and no more than five (5) pages for other proposals, not including references. Please save individual task descriptions for the Research Catalog Page.
  2. Research Catalog page. SRC provides strict guidelines in the template for the research catalog page. These limits are required when adding your research into our online Research Catalog. Some contracts have a single defined task; if you are proposing multiple tasks, include one catalog page per task.
  3. Finance plan. This spreadsheet includes three Excel worksheets. In some cases you will be duplicating the worksheets for multiple years or multiple participants. Convert this spreadsheet into a portrait-oriented PDF for submission.
    1. Annual budget. Duplicate the budget worksheet so that you have one for each contract year. Each year’s budget must be signed by the PI and the appropriate university official.
    2. Other support. List all other sources of funding support, current and pending. Complete a copy of this worksheet for each researcher.
    3. Monthly expenditures. This is essentially your burn rate, and assists SRC in planning its cash flow and monitoring your progress.

Signatures & Authorization

When SRC requests a proposal, signature authorization is provided by key members of faculty and the university contracts office. OpenWater includes a feature that makes it easy to send a request for an authorized signature, and will notify you once the signature has been received.

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