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2024 Research Needs Document: Hardware Security (HWS)
Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC)
Research Triangle Park, NC 27703



Table 1.1 list such topics with the expectation that proponents will address corresponding challenges in those areas and articulate how their proposed research may advance the state of the art in terms of quantitative holistic critical metric goals for the proposed project(s). The proposals should include justifications and benchmarks of the proposed approaches based on theoretical, modeling, and or experimental evidence. Researchers are encouraged to refer to the sections of the MAPT Roadmap listed in Table 1.1 to understand the relevance of the research topic to industry. Proposals on other research topics beyond those listed in Table 1.1 but addressing challenges identified in the MAPT roadmap and in Table 1.2 are also considered as part of this solicitation.

Table 1.1, Specific Topics from the MAPT Roadmap

Trust architectures and hardware designs

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.2, “Security of AI accelerators”

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.2, “Security of IoT/resource-constrained devices”

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.3, “Analog component security”

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.4, “Light weight cryptography”

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.4, “Link layer security and Lightweight Cryptography”
MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.4, “Quantum Security and Post-Quantum Cryptography”

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.5, “Information Leakage”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Post-quantum Cryptography (PQC)”

Security techniques for advanced technologies and packaging

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.5, “Chiplet Security & Heterogeneous Integration”
MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.5, “Untrusted interposer layer”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Anti-reverse engineering and counterfeiting”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Tamper-resistant and tamperproof packaging”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Chiplet Security”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Chiplet Root-of-Trust”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Chiplet link security”

Security aspects of embedded software, firmware, and soft IP

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.5, “Firmware Tampering”
MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.5, “Firmware Security”

Security assurance, protection, and verification

MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.4, “Crypto agility”
MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Supply Chain Security”

Authentication, attestation, and provisioning

MAPT, 10'23, Section 1.10.3, "Security Challenges“

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.4, “Efficiently integrate attestation of HW and SW”
MAPT, 10’23, Section 3.4, “build the foundations and tools that record evidence about HW and SW supply chains”

MAPT, 10’23, Table 3.2, “Safety mechanisms”

Table 1.2, Add-on Topics Not Listed in MAPT Roadmap

  • Side-channel attacks on AI/ML accelerators/GPUs and defenses. 
  • Power related CPU micro-architectural side-channel attacks and countermeasures.
  • Addressing security challenges associated with connection protocols between endpoints from different vendors in a heterogeneous integration or disaggregated system scenario.
  • Innovative defense mechanisms and methods against “side channel attacks” and elimination of attack vectors
  • Quantify opportunities and challenges of new device materials (Beyond CMOS) to enhance system security and trusted architectures
  • Security of emerging devices/architectures/systems/technologies, e.g., NVMs
  • Methods to provide updates to address system vulnerabilities discovered after deployment to enable field upgradable security
  • Generation, protection, and establishment of trust models for hardware and firmware interacting with the software stack
  • Strategies and techniques to avoid/reduce vulnerabilities in data center and cloud, including multi-tenancy
  •  Approaches, models, and frameworks of pre-Silicon design for reasoning about and specifying hardware-specific security properties to realize a Security by Design paradigm
  • Approaches and techniques to enable provable evidence device state and identity, e.g., postquantum, blockchain, etc.
  • Study of 6G wireless communication security features and physical layer security techniques

Direct links to the chapters in MAPT Roadmap:
Chapter 1: https://srcmapt.org/chapter1/
Chapter 3: https://srcmapt.org/chapter3/

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