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TECHCON Submission Requirements


The following is a list of items required for submission to the TECHCON 2024 Call for Abstracts. We look forward to your submission! 


1. SRC.org Website Account

Ensure that your SRC web account is created. This is a fundamental requirement for submission. Having this in place will facilitate a smoother process for you.

If you do not have an SRC.org website user account, please go to www.src.org and click Register at the top right side of the page. 

SRC.org website account help can be found here


2. Pillar Science Login

Ensure that you can log into Pillar Science. This platform is where PIs and SRC member company employees collaboratively manage the SRC-funded research you are assigned to. 

Log in here, using your SRC.org website credentials. https://app.pillar.science/

Pillar Science login help can be found here.


3. Assignment to Pillar Project

The SRC-funded Principal Investigator or JUMP 2.0 Center Admin is responsible for adding SRC Research Scholars to Projects in Pillar Science. 

The PI must verify that all students are accurately listed in their Team roster in Pillar Science.

Once the PI has the correct set of students assigned to their team, they should check that their Pillar projects have the correct set of students assigned.


4. Student Profile in Pillar

Ensure your Pillar profile is complete. Use this guide to make sure your information in Pillar Science meets our standards. It’s also good to familiarize yourself with the platform if you have not used it before.

A great overview, including examples.

If you encounter any account issues, please reach out for assistance promptly by sending an email to webmaster@src.org.


5. Required Submission Data 

When submitting your abstract submission via OpenWater, you need the following information about the submission and the Research Scholar presenter: 

  • Presentation Title 
  • Presenter name and University 
  • Pillar Profile ID
  • Presenter's expected graduation date 
  • The associated SRC Research Project ID (e.g., 3131.001)
  • Project Title 
  • Research Program area or name of undergraduate program (e.g., JUMP 2.0 or Undergraduate Research Program)
  • Primary Category
  • Secondary Category
    • Chose a sub-category to further refine your abstract categorization
  • Tertiary category
  • Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words, with no graphics, figures, or tables
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